Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
A Planned Retirement Community

Located just 7 miles up Scenic Byway 7 from the main gate, Mountain Thyme B&B is an ideal Hot Springs Village vacation rental.

When you visit friends or family in the Village, or if you are shopping the area for a retirement home, Mountain Thyme Bed and Breakfast Inn offers a luxurious alternative to other Hot Springs Village lodging choices.

If your parents live in the Village, consider this for your next visit:

Let your kids stay with the grandparents and you stay with us!

The grandparents will enjoy spoiling the grandkids and we will enjoy spoiling you. You can have a relaxing and romantic environment every evening and still be only minutes away for each day's visit.

If, on the other hand, your vacation plans require you and the kids stay together, or perhaps you feel the stay is too long to stay with us this time, check out the links we have provided below. There are a number of Condos and Houses inside the Village which are available for short and long term rental.

Perhaps next time, you'll be able to arrange a stay with us so we can really spoil you!

A Planned Retirement Community That Works

Hot Springs Village is one of those planned retirement communities that has been a big, big success.

This 26,000 acre gated community, the largest in the US, has over 460 miles of paved roads, 9 golf course, 16 tennis courts, 12 lakes, over 20 miles of trails, and a population of some 15,000 residents.

While golf seems to be the primary focus for much of the community, a quick browse through the Village Voice, (yes the Village even has its own newspaper), shows announcements for meetings of virtually every kind of club you can imagine. Whether your passion is politics, religion, sports, crafts or community service, there will almost certainly be other folks in the Village with a similar passion.

For more information about the Village, we offer the following links:

Hot Springs Village Property Owners Association

Local businesses, including those who manage short and long term rental property inside the village may be viewed by clicking on "Local Businesses" on that home page.

Hot Springs Village Chamber of Commerce

Local businesses, including those who manage short and long term rental property inside the Village may be viewed by clicking on "Hot Springs Village Advertising & Promotion Partners" on that home page.