Directions to Mountain Thyme Bed & Breakfast Inn - call toll free 1-501-984-5428

From Dallas / Fort Worth - approximately 6 hours
From Texarkana - approximately 2.5 hours

From Dallas, take I30 east to Texarkana.
From Texarkana, continue east on I30 to exit at either

Or Northbound on Highway 7 (named Central Avenue in Hot Springs), you will pass through the Hot Springs Historic District, with Bath House Row followed by the Arlington Hotel on your right. You will be leaving Hot Springs on Highway 7 North.

When you pass Fountain Lake School on your left, watch for the intersection where Hwy 7 turns left, going northbound. At that intersection Hwy 5 begins eastward toward Benton. If you find you are on Hwy 5, you missed the turn.

From the intersection of Hwy 7 & Hwy 5, you are now 15.9 miles from us.

Continue north on Hwy 7.  After about 8 miles, you will climb a steep hill with a traffic light just past the top. The entrance to Hot Springs Village will be on your right and a shopping center on the left.  It is 7.5 miles from that traffic light to our door.

When you get to Jessieville, you will see the school on your right and "The Shack" on your left.  You are 3.5 miles away.  As you leave Jessieville, you will see the Jessieville Ranger Station and Information Center for the Ouachita National Forest on your left.

When you see an Adopt a Highway sign sponsored by Mountain Thyme, you are less than a mile away.

You will go around a curve to the right. There will be two driveways.

Our driveway and sign are at the second right.

If  you should see Iron Springs Recreation Area on your left, you have gone 1 mile too far.